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The Best Amazon Online Coupons, Promo Codes, & Deals for 2021

Want to know a secret? Amazon has a Coupon Page with hundreds of sweet deals in virtually every category you can imagine. 

You can save up to 60 percent on everything from Scented Candles Gift Set, Blackout Curtains, and Floating Shelves, to Cheese Cutting Board Sets, Cocktail ShakersDiapers, and more.  

Times are tough, and with everyone on the hunt for the best bargains in town, it’s no wonder Amazon has started a couponing phenomenon. Using coupons is a great way to get good deals, save money, and stock up on items you’ll use in the near future.

Clipping Amazon Coupons

Have you ever taken a jacket out of the closet, slipped it on, and put your hands into the pockets, only to find a $50 bill? Ah, we can already see that smile flash across your face. It’s a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Coupon lovers and savvy shoppers who will go out of their way to snatch up a great sale item can attest to the same feeling when it comes to shaving a few dollars off their online purchases with Amazon coupons codes.

The under-the-radar coupon page of Amazon compiles all deals that can be used on the site by Prime members and non-Prime shoppers alike, and the savings are too good to pass up. There are discounts on tons of everyday essentials right now. These coupons will save you lots of money across numerous categories. We’ll also teach you how to get coupons for Amazon as well as some great tools to use for even more savings.

Maximize Amazon Coupons with RebatePal

Before we dive headfirst into discount coupons for Amazon, we’d like to tell you a little about how RebatePal can help buyers access an entire catalog of cash-back rebates and instant Amazon Coupons for Amazon deals. If you’re not already a RebatePal member, now is the time to sign up! In short: RebatePal works directly with some top retail manufacturers to offer customers using our site exclusive limited-time rebate and coupon offers for their products.

RebatePal is an online app that allows Amazon sellers to create exclusive cash-back or discount deals for deal-hunting shoppers. Do you love a good deal? Of course, you do! Sign up for RebatePal, and become a part of a world filled with benefits. Click here to create your free account now.

12 Amazon Coupon Categories

  1. Home & Kitchen Coupons
  2. Smart Home Coupons
  3. Subscribe & Save Coupons
  4. Beauty and Skincare Coupons
  5. Fashion Coupons
  6. Grocery & Gourmet Coupons
  7. Personal Care & Daily Essentials
  8. Electronics and Smart Gadgets
  9. Lawn & Garden Coupons
  10. Pet Supplies Coupons
  11. Toys and Baby Coupons
  12. Office & School Supplies

The Best Amazon Coupons

Want to know what Amazon discount coupons are popular for Home & Kitchen shopping, Beauty & Skincare, or Baby & Childcare?

We’ve scoured Amazon to find you the best Coupon deals to save you money:

Top Tip: Just like paper coupons, Amazon coupons don’t last forever. However, they don’t show an expiration date, so it’s best to use them as soon as possible.  

Amazon Coupons In A Nutshell

Amazon Coupons are a way for clients to save money on products, similar to the newspaper coupons you got in the mail growing up. Amazon coupons discounts appear as a button under that product’s listing price when enabled on a product. By simply clicking it, customers can redeem a coupon. In addition to being redeemable directly on an item listing, on Amazon’s main coupon page, coupons from sellers with the best performance appear categorically, where clients can “clip” and save the discounts that are most compelling to them.

Why Use Coupons From Amazon?

Reach millions, deliver smiles & make money!

Are you a retailer with a featured product on Amazon for sale? If so, this section is for you! A great way to maximize your sales on your Amazon store and attract more customers is by using Amazon Coupons.

Think of Amazon coupons in the same way as you would think of advertising. Giving away Amazon Coupons is essentially like paying to advertise an item. Amazon Coupons

dramatically increase the likelihood that a customer will buy something from your store. The more customers redeem your coupons, the more sales you will make, and in turn, the more sales you will make, the higher you will rise in the rankings of Amazon, resulting in even more sales. 

How Much Does It Cost To Use Coupons?

As with all things in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It’s no surprise then that Amazon does charge sellers for every coupon that’s redeemed. When pricing an item, you’ll want to factor in that charge to find a discount amount that makes sense. 

How Can Coupons Be Enabled?

You’ll need to go to Seller Central on Amazon to enable coupons on individual listings, click the Advertising tab, and scroll down the drop-down menu until you find the word “Coupons.” From that point, you can search for and add the products to which you want coupons to apply.

As a seller, Amazon has two distinct types of coupons that you can offer:

  • Coupons that give clients a certain percentage of their purchases.
  • Coupons that offer clients a fixed dollar amount off their purchase.

On an item that is between 5-80 percent off its lowest price, sellers can set a discounted price. Beyond that, coupons are reasonably flexible. By determining the amount you are discounting, your maximum spending amount, and the date you want it to expire, you can customize each coupon you make.

Once you have enabled a coupon on your account, a button below your product’s listing price will appear to customers, allowing them to claim the discount on that product. That button is going to be green for Amazon Prime users.

Non-Prime users will see green text beneath the listing price that directs them to a deal. Coupons highlighted with an orange ribbon will be seen by users who find your page via the Amazon Coupons landing page.

How Can Your Return On Coupons Be Maximized?

Since there are two different types of Amazon coupons, the dollar-off coupon, and the percentage-off coupon, you’ll want to figure out which one increases a customer’s probability of claiming it.

The dollar-off coupon is often the most attractive for buyers, especially for items with smaller discounts. It allows the client to quickly see how much money they will save without calculating a percentage off the item’s price. In comparison, a sufficiently compelling percentage-off discount can also drive lots of sales.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, clipping and using Amazon coupons is effortless, and certainly one of the quickest and simplest ways to save some money when buying your favorite products online. This rings even more true when you coupon on Amazon and combine those savings with the other ways you can save on Amazon, like the Subscribe And Save option, and join RebatePal

Do you coupon regularly on Amazon? What awesome deals have you found? We’d love to hear from you!

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