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Buyer FAQs

Here’s how to claim a rebate on RebatePal:

  1. Create a RebatePal account here.

  2. After browsing our available items, click on the image of the item that you want to purchase.

  3. Click on Buy Product (this will bring up the instructions) — Please read the instructions carefully.

  4. Check the box to acknowledge that you have read all of the instructions and that you accept our Terms and Conditions. (Please note: The use of any extra discount coupons is forbidden and could result in a declined rebate).

  5. Click on Buy Product again (this will take you directly to the product on Amazon).

  6. Purchase the product using the Amazon product page that you were just re-directed to.

  7. After purchasing, select and copy your Amazon Order ID.

  8. Return to your RebatePal Dashboard.

  9. Click on Rebates (in the left-hand menu), and then click on Purchases.

  10. Click on Unclaimed tab

  11. Click on Confirm Purchase

  12. Paste your Order ID that you copied on Amazon

  13. Click Confirm

  14. Wait 7 days for the email containing your electronic gift card or PayPal reimbursement (If you choose the PayPal reimbursement option to be sure that you type in the correct email address to avoid delays).

Seller FAQs

Getting full-priced sales on Amazon is one of the most important factors to boost your product ranking. 

Our site will help you to improve your product ranking by sending customers to your listing who will purchase your item at full-price or at a discounted price through cash-back rebates or Amazon coupons (your choice). 

If you decide to offer sellers a rebate, after 7 days from the date that the buyer claims your rebate on RebatePal, RebatePal will automatically send the customer their rebate gift card, which can be used at over a hundred retail sites online, including

If you decide to offer sellers a coupon, the coupon will be immediately applied once the buyer visits your Amazon product page and checks out.

Getting started with RebatePal is easy: Click here to create your Seller Account.

Need Help or Have Questions?

Contact RebatePal Support by clicking below: