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Accelerate Your Sales 
 Amazon And Boost Your 
Product Exposure 
with RebatePal

Sellers use RebatePal to rapidly boost their sales and product exposure through automated rebates and coupons.

consistent, full-priced sales

Instantly generate sales and gain product exposure

Getting full-priced sales on Amazon is one of the most important factors that can boost your product exposure. But as any Amazon seller can tell you – this isn’t easy.

With RebatePal, you can instantly generate sales and gain product exposure by leveraging our Growing platform form of thousands of verified Amazon shoppers.

all-in-one solution

Tap into a
growing list of
Amazon Shoppers

RebatePal is your all-in-one solution to instantly generate sales and gain product exposure. Tap into our growing list of thousands of verified Amazon shoppers and automated sales, and put your product on the first page of Amazon and beyond.

With RebatePal, you don’t pay per rebate or per coupon – just choose a monthly plan that works for you and you’ll be ready to accelerate your sales and boost your product rankings.

fully automated

Use RebatePal to:

  • Drive full-priced sales to your Amazon listing while still giving customers an exclusive discount on their purchase
  • Use ManyChat sales funnel templates to distribute rebates and coupons using Facebook Ads
  • Track performance for all of your campaigns and sales
  • Tap into a rapidly growing list of Amazon shoppers
  • Create fully-automated rebate campaigns
  • Create and distribute single-use coupons

…and did we mention that it’s all fully automated?

Sales Funnel Templates

RebatePal + ManyChat Integration*

One of the most frustrating parts of running rebate and coupon campaigns is distribution.

With our ManyChat Integration and Sales Funnel Templates, you can create fully-automated rebate distribution funnels in less than two minutes, promote your campaigns using Facebook Ads, and manage everything through RebatePal.

Instead of starting from scratch and dealing with complicated funnel setups on ManyChat, we'll just save you the time.

With RebatePal, you can start with a plug-and-go ManyChat funnel template that you can import directly into your ManyChat account and use for your own rebate or coupon distribution campaigns.

With our ManyChat integration and sales funnel templates, you'll save valuable time and effort by driving qualified Amazon shoppers to your listing to distribute rebates and coupons in a fast and easy-to-use way.

*Only available for Alpha Plan and Omega Plan users

How it Works

How RebatePal Works

Create Your Account

Accounts are quick and easy to setup. Just pick a monthly plan below and click Select to get started.

Create Your Campaigns

Easily link your Amazon product listings and create your rebate and coupon campaigns in seconds.

Promote Your Campaigns

Buyers will view your product on our website or through your Facebook Ads* and will purchase your product directly on Amazon.

We Take Care of the Rest

We'll automatically fulfill the rebate, distribute coupons, and send the customer's rebate to them via email.


Exclusive RebatePal Benefits

Blacklist Pal: Stop Hijackers with One Click

Keeping our platform free of fraudulent sellers is a top priority – that’s why we created Blacklist Pal.

With our Blacklist Pal tool (available for all users), our growing list of sellers work together to quickly and easily remove fraudulent or fake buyers in as easy as a single click.

Unlimited Products

Enjoy the convenience of linking unlimited Amazon products to your RebatePal account for all of your coupon and rebate campaigns.

Automated Order Verification

Tired of having to review and approve rebates? With RebatePal, we’ll automatically review and approve all of your rebates and coupons to ensure that all of your buyers have a seamless customer service experience:

  • Rebates distributed through our site are approved and automatically distributed within 7 days
  • Rebates distributed using our ManyChat Integration are approved and distributed within 7 days after claiming

VIP Customer Support

Our number one goal is to help sellers to rapidly increase their sales and product rankings – that’s why we’re committed to providing all of our users with VIP customer support. Get immediate answers to all of your questions using our expansive knowledge base, or chat directly with a team member to find an answer to your question

Ready to Get Started?

convenient pricing


Three convenient pricing options for committed sellers of all types:


50 Platform Rebates
100 Platform Coupons
ManyChat Integration
Unlimited ManyChat Campaigns
Unlimited RebatePal Campaigns
Automated Order Verification
Unlimited Products
Platinum Seller Protection
Blacklist Pal
Elite Listing Guardian
VIP Customer Support


Unlimited Platform Rebates
Unlimited Platform Coupons
ManyChat Integration
Unlimited ManyChat Campaigns
Unlimited RebatePal Campaigns
Automated Order Verification
Unlimited Products
Platinum Seller Protection
Blacklist Pal
Elite Listing Guardian
VIP Customer Support

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